I am a 29 year old girl living in Oslo with a dream of one day running my own successful brand. I have chosen to call it “piahaugseth” as this is my maiden name.

My love for fashion started as a little girl.
I was always looking for new trends and as my mother is a seamstress with a speciality in wedding dresses, my passion for the feminine cut became more intense as I grew up.
In a way she has inspired me to begin my adventure as a fashion designer.

Strong and vibrant colors give me joy and I find the spring / summer collections more exiting then the fall collection.
This is probably due to the fact that Norway is blessed with only a few months of warm weather each year so dreaming of spring starts early November.

I challenge my creative side by creating art on canvas too. Please check it out here!

My lovely girlfriends are a great inspiration for my design.
Mostly my creations are named after them and after colourful people which possess special talents, stories or gifts, that has moved me in some way.
I follow the young fashionistas who express their tremendous talent by blogging! It is a great way of keeping contact with all friends of Fashion!
Please leave your comment if you like my design! If you have special requests do not hesitate to contact me!

Keep your loved ones close, your life busy and have a happy spirit! Remember the compliments you receive, forget the insults. Get to know your parents. You never know when they will leave this world. Respect your elders. Enjoy music every day! Use it as inspiration and follow you dreams!


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