Pia Haugseth in the Catwalk issue for Costume #52, 2010

Samsaya as my muse in KK magazine  #32, 2010

Inteview with VIP magazine June 2010.

Cover @ Cosmopolitan #8 2010. Maya Vik styled with Michelle dress by Pia Haugseth!

One full page about my design in Henne May 2010.

* Silje @ Minmote, VG blogget about Samsayas outfit at Spellemannprisen!

* Me @ DetNye no 4. March

June @ Ciao! Manhattan blogged about my collection!

Samsaya wearing piahaugseth at norwegian awards Spellemannprisen!

Side2 and SeHer wrote about the outfit too!


*Maren Bjørgum blogged about my fashion show 20 feb.2010

Photo: Maren Bjørgum.

*Julie Kase for blogged about my Fashion show 20.feb 2010

Photo: Julie Kase

*Ladybirdnest blogged about my fashion show 20.feb. 2010


*Nice words from Mira Saab on her blog

*Itj-boy blogged about my fashion show and took backstage pictures!

Oh.. and by the way.. He did the choreography for my show. Loved it!!

*Red D\’light A fashionista review.

ELSKER FARGER: Hele venninnegjengen i design by Pia(Pia helt til høyre i turkis). Pia i egen design og sommerens favorittkjole fra Forever21.( Foto: Privat)

*Hanneli Mustaparta in piahaugseth


*Christian August Stang and Joy Michon styled Iselin Steiro with my skirt for Max Factor fashion show.

Photo: Hanneli Mustaparta

*Style-forever Jeanette hoff blogged about the Max Factor fashion show.


* Me in “min stil” at norwegian ELLE.

*Jeanette Hoff blogged about my first photo shoot!


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